Episode 31

Podcast Admiration and Formative Media 2.0


August 22nd, 2017

1 hr 12 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

Sometimes we're in a Chick-Fil-A in Nashua and we're like.....what's something we can talk about that we already do? So, we present to you our post-sweeps clipshow equivilant. First, we're talking about our favorite podcasts and SPOILER ALERT, we spend 25% of the segment just professing our love for Appointment Television (our OTP, One True Podcast and yeah guys, we did the math to the minute). We reassert our status as the Fourth Olsen Twin, Kirstie drops her superball, we learn about Kelsey's commuting habits and it's just a giant love fest. Then, we revisit last week's discussion about Formative Media with the media of our adolescent years. We've got tons of personal stories, a brief moment of excitement about Rocket Power, and many of the roots of our nerdery at any age.