Bind Off: Game of Thrones S7E7

Episode 32 · August 28th, 2017 · 39 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

We've had a lot of fun this season, from our discount liquor store wine to our discount liquor store plot. This Sunday, we're starting with the Li'l Finger News Bulletin. We include an important update on the Game of Thrones Fantasy League, have as many gripes as we found Dick Jokes, recap some sexy times and gues who will end up being Classroom Mom in Westeros. What's in store for next season? Who tf knows because next season won't air until 2017823098. Stay tuned though, because when the time comes for us all to come back to the same place at the same time, we will be ready to be here for the same purpose. Keep hashtagging #hatewatchgot in the meantime!