Episode 30

Bind Off: Game of Thrones S7E6


August 21st, 2017

19 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

We start this episode in Westeros Middle School and end this episode in a lizard uterus because all things in this show come full circle except for plot. It's the second to last episode of season 7 and it's tough to be 13 years old and running a kingdom during a zombie apocalypse. We've got all the hot gossip like Tyrion passing notes to Jon for Dany, Tormund trying to get Brienne to go to the dance with him, Li'l Finger stoking the fear of his li'l finger, and Westeros finally got a mall for everyone to hang out in! Also, Arya totally made it personal when she offended our knitting, so girl can take her silicon faces and shove them right up her Fossil briefcase. Good news though! The dick jokes are back, Kelsey is still looking for the RomCom and we have some quick updates on the fantasy teams. Join us next week for the FINAL EPISODE of the season and as always, live tweet with #hatewatchgot