Episode 18

Utopia of Awesomeness: Property Brothers and Grand Designs


June 26th, 2017

57 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

Sometimes, you encounter a home improvement program, and it's ordinary. Guided by a contractor, a friend, or perhaps, two brothers, the buyers face adversities that limit their budgets and imaginations. They wind up with a home that's perfectly suitable for their purposes. But other times, you may happen upon a builder who yearns for more. A bespoke home, with triple glazed windows and fine mahogany furniture. Perhaps a balcony from which you can monologue. When you embark on the audacious task of evaluating home improvement television, you may just discover the spirit of humanity. Saddle up your Lil' Hygge and enter this Utopia of Awesomeness to discover all of the secret lives of home improvement host extraordinaires, Jonathan and Drew Scott and Kevin McCloud. We're talking cob, mahogany, bespoke suits, The Most Interesting Man In the World, amusement parks, the Third Olsen Twin, and more. Come for the home improvement television, stay for the architectural metaphors.