Episode 72

Nerducation Redeux: Kelsey Watched A Star War


June 5th, 2018

58 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

There's another Star War in theaters which means its time for another Hatewatch. This time its Kelsey who DELIGHTEDLY takes one for the team by seeing SOLO: A Star Wars Story and bringing back a whole universe of feelings, thesis ideas, and attractive disasters. Listen as she makes bold proclomations about space hijinx, the RomCom, space sex, Han Solo Lite, Sam Heughan in Space, and declares yet another unpopular Star War as HER Star War. We're also sure to rehash old favorites like Kelsey Wants Everyone To Bone, some cheap digs at the Daves, shipflags and Outlander feels. Whether or not this is YOUR Star War, it will be your hatewatch.

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