Episode 45

Nerducation Part 3: Kirstie Wants Everyone To Stop Boning


November 14th, 2017

1 hr 18 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

A long time ago in a podcast far far away...... Episode 3, Kirstie Wants Everyone To Stop Boning. Kirstie and Kelsey have returned to their home hatewatch of Star Wars to rescue their friend Rebel Hot Pilot from the clutches of Kirstie's surprise Anti-Rom-Com attack, and Kelsey has no problems with everyone boning. Kirstie has a lot of feelings about DIY Jedi's, and eventually establishes that she and the Force just have different priorities. Kirstie and Kelsey are obsessed with Han Solo's rockin' bod and the Female Gaze. Kirstie's beef with the Force contains multitudes, but with all her blood magic she still manages to rise from the ashes as a Star Wars Fortune Teller, fortelling the arrival of the TV series. To round it all out, there are quotes from viral videos in 2003, an appearance from the Seatbelt Deputy and a discussion of the benefits of the five point harness, and an argument about knitting organization because brand game gotta stay strong.

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