Episode 23

Bind Off: Game Of Thrones S7E2


July 24th, 2017

23 mins 1 sec

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We're back at it with episode two of season who the fuck knows! This week we got grammar lessons as plot devices, Dany and Tyrion gave us a Grand Designs cross over, Arya and Hot Pie gave us a Great British Bake Off cross over, we were treated to Varys Story Time, Arya met a Hyppogriff, The Greyjoys bought some fireworks at a New Hampshire liquor store and brought them on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Theon recreated THAT scene from the Titanic, Sam is brewing polyjuice potion to cure Sir Friendzone's gonorrhea, and Jon looks like a bowl of vanilla ice cream. It's a high stakes game of sibling rivalries, stray pets, and alternative cross-over universes, complete with grammar lessons, dick-less jokes, and food that looks like STDs. Oh, and the Li'l Finger News Bulletin is coming in hot, perhaps foreshadowing the outcome of our Fantasy League, so get ready to place your bets on the House Snark's JV team!