Episode 25

Bind Off: Game of Thrones S7E3


July 31st, 2017

25 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

It's Sunday so of course we're checking in on Game of Thrones. The season 6 writers are back with Choose-Your-Own-Adventure dick and grammar jokes, Kelsey Has A Gripe, Li'l Finger and his Li'l Finger pew pew pew their way through the Li'l Finger News Bulletin, Cersai scored at Mac on Free Lipstick Day, we have our first point in our Fantasy Draft, and Policy Wonks win the episode in both Dragonstone and Winterfell. Cross over universes this week included the Grand Designs tour of Dany's Bespoke Dragonstone Throne, Bran Potter and the Goblet of Winterfell, House of (Ice and Fire) Cards, and The Office. Sorry, there were no funny puns for that one. We also jumped aboard the #noconfederate bandwagon. We're off the next two weeks for vacation, but join us again for Episode 6 later in August! Regular episodes will continue on Tuesdays.