The 2019 Really F*cking Good Television Award Show for Nice People Only

It's Award Season, and that means it's time for the 2019 Really Fucking Good Television Award Show For Nice People Only, and we are bringing BIG MEGXIT ENERGY to the party this year. These are complicated matters that will take time to work through, and here we are working through them together through all the highs, lows, and loopholes. Here are this year's winners! For the full conversation, listen to the full episode

Wildest Ride

Nominees: Little Bit Alexis (Schitts Creek), Score: A Hockey Musical

Winner: Kirstie Watching Score: A Hockey Musical

As per usual, Kirstie brought a nominee knowing it was disqualifying, but the more we worked through these complicated matters, the more we discovered that the wildest ride of all is what content does to you the first time you view it.

Our Favorite Canadian

Nominees: Annie Murphy, Noah Reid

Winner: All of Schitt's Creek

Each resident of Schitt's Creek is like potato chips or some other example of things you toss aside all self control to induldge in. We love this crew of Canadians too much to pick just one!

Lil Hygge’s Knitting Corner

Nominees: Making It, Outlander

Winner: Making It

The epic battle wages on over whether or not Outlander is for Nice People, however there is never any doubt that people being really good at crafts is always nice.

Most Cinematic Visual

Nominees: Prince Charles facing his family (The Crown), Princess Margaret in Furs (The Crown)

Winner: The Crown, and Symbolism

The Crown always manages to blow us away by always knowing exactly what it is doing in a way reminicent of Mad Men. Between unloved children, salty spouses and emotionless queens this season had a VIBE and we were here for it.

Most Romantical Moment

Nominees: The Aesha/Jack RomCom (Below Deck), the Girlfriend Proposal (Below Deck)

Winner: Aesha/Jack

While we always live for the Below Deck drama, there was something so universally sweet about Aesha and Jack's fun summer together. They were vulgar, unpretentious, and just here to have a good time on a boat. A romcom we have no choice but to stan.

Is He Hot Or Is He Tall?

Nominees: Prince Charles (the Crown), Joao (Below Deck)

Winner: Sam Hueghan

This year there was something to be said for men with confusing, mysterious auras who may not be as hot as their strange energy wants us to believe. But really, this was all just a long way of saying that our winner this year, and every year, is Sam Heughan, the hottest and tallest man of them all.

In Memoriam

This year we said goodbye to many shows near and dear to our (Well, Kelsey's) hearts. Our best wishes and warmest regards to: You’re the Worst, Catastrophe, Jane the Virgin, Veep, and Game of Thrones.

Most Michael Schur Moment of the Year

Nominees: James returning to Derry (Derry Girls), Patrick coming out (Schitt's Creek)

Winner: James the Derry Girl

This year's race in this category was a tough call between two shows with rough exteriors and warm, fuzzy insides. Patrick coming out represented a world in which everyone is nice all the time, but James returning to be a Derry Girl hit us right in the friendship feels and Friendship always wins.

Times You Got The Most Got in 2019

Nominees: Vertical folding (Tidying Up with Marie Kondo), Colin's Sacrifice (Below Deck)

Winner: Colin

Kelsey's pick of vertical folding places us in a specific time and place in our lives - that is, 30 year olds with a Netflix subscription. However, nothing got us quite like the questions that unfolded when Colin the deckhand shot his shot for June, the braindead third stewardess who wasn't even that in to him, in the most misguided grand romantic gesture we've seen in a long time. Seriously folks, we still have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Most Important Tv Kirstie missed in 2019

Nominees: Succession (x2)

Winner: Succession duh.

Every year Kirstie misses a lot of important television, but this year the most glaring blindspot in her media diet hands down had to be Succession. Just think of all the MEMES she's missed guys!

Best Friendship Moment

Nominees: Everybody wearing ties in honor of a contestant (Great British Bake Off), Ted Danson and Jane Fonda getting arrested for Climate Change

Winner: All of Friendship

Reality TV contestants dressing up in a show of solidarity for some one sent home unjustly? TV royalty practicing civil disobedience in the name of saving all of humanity? An entire recap of all the friendship moments in the two seasons of Derry Girls we didn't nominate? Y'all, there was a lot of good friendship this year and we love all of it in a big way.

Best Use of High End Finishes

Nominees: Eat Shit Bob - The Musical (Last Week Tonight), The Derry Girls/Great British Bake Off crossover episode

Winner: Last Week Tonight

We here at Hatewatch With Us are always big fans of Big Petty Energy, which Jon Oliver has always been a champion of. Not to mention, Last Week Tonight hadn't won anything yet and Derry Girls was the shadow winner in like half the categories, so fair is fair.

Best Hatewatch

Nominees: Game of Thrones: The Dark Episode, Game of Thrones

Winner: Game of Thrones, Score: A Hockey Musical

Say what you will about this season of Game of Thrones but we had SO MUCH FUN on Twitter this season. Watching the arch of culture bend towards justice as this nightmare of a show ended was so gratifying after years of being right about all of it's failures. We also got many many hours of solid podcast content, and for that we are personally grateful. Now that that's out of the way, we'd like to talk to you some more about Score: A Hockey Musical, which is available for free on YouTube

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