The 2018 Really F*cking Good Television Awards Show (For Nice People Only)

Wildest Ride - Michael returns, Jane The Virgin
Favorite Canadian Person - Hayden Christensen, Little Italy (because Kirstie thinks streaming = TV)
Li’l Hygge’s Knitting Corner Award - The Royal Wedding
Most Cinematic Visual in TV - the train, The Americans series finale
Most Romantical Moment of TV - sexy bathtime, Outlander
Is He Hot Or Is He Tall Award - Sam Heughan
Most Michael Schur Moment - Alba becomes a citizen, Jane The Virgin
Best Friendship Moment - Show Me Going, Brooklyn 99
Best Use of High End Finishes - Target spon con, Superstore
Most Perfect Individual Episode - Jeremy Bearimy, The Good Place
Best Hatewatch - Netflix: Cottage Life UK (Mary Portas Secret Shopper + Grand Designs Solent)